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Performance Diagnostics




Sport has always been a constant in my life since I can remember. In my early years I was involved in a variety of sports but found my passion in rowing competing for my University and going on to represent the Welsh nation and Great Britain. All of my coaches had a huge influence on me and this gave me the desire to coach myself, to make a real difference to competitors' performance.


My passion, attention to detail and attitude of always aiming high has helped me to achieve clarity of vision, purpose and motivation in my different roles. I turned a small school club  into one of the top school rowing programmes in the country, as well as supporting some of these young athletes into elite Ivy League colleges and representing their country.  I then led British Rowing's Junior National Team to multiple international wins and to become World Champions.  Moving to a role as Head coach for the Swiss National Team enabled me to take my winning "process" to another level, helping another world championship outcome. 


My core values are to help support a culture where dreams are aimed for unhindered by social expectation or historical norms.

My mission is to help you on your journey to become the best version of yourself. 


What is your mission?




Three services - one philosophy.

Together we define the most suitable solution for your very personal needs.

  • On water coaching

  • Video analysis

  • Training camps

  • Consultation for teams

  • Support for coaches 



Performance nutrition strategies for optimal performance.



Physiological profiling using lactate testing and power profiling.


Performance Diagnostics



High Performance to me means trusting in a process that allows the pursuit of being the best at what your specialist area is. It's having the commitment to follow this process through all of the necessary steps to keep moving towards your goal to be the best you can be. 


This may include many different areas of training and personal development and the process is the way that allows these developments to bind together into a high performing individual. In order to be a high performer you must have an unwaivering trust in your own journey and an openness to welcome in the very best that others have to offer in order to benefit from their experiences as well as your own.


My test for high performance is: Can you deliver your area of expertise under the maximum physiological and psychological stress in the most challenging or unpredictable environment? If you follow the process, the likely answer to this question is: Yes! I can and I will.



Jeannine Gmelin, 

Swiss Olympic W1x - Rio

World Champion 2017

European Champion 2018

"Robin's passion to help others to achieve their goal and to be better everyday as well as his positive mindset and attitude is contagious."

Mark Shimmin,

Masters Rower,

Upper Thames Rowing Club

"I have known Robin since he first started coaching.
He has a unique ability to get the best out of people coupled with a true training intellect. He is always my "Go to" for advice."

Jack Beaumont,

Olympic Rower

Team GB M4x - Rio

"What I learnt from Robin has not only helped me improve in rowing but also gave me some tools for life."
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