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Coaching History

Who will you be guiding you?

I have more than 15 years experience helping develop, create and guide high performance sports organisations. As well as performing at a high level more than 10 years coaching at an international level. 

Athletic Career-

There were many highlights for me during my athletic journey from competing as a club and university swimmer to winning many medals at national championships and top level regattas. The results were great but the journey and the people I shared them with taught me so much about being part of a team and also about myself which help me in my present life.

For that I thank them.


The highlights as an athlete were:-

2007 Henley Royal Regatta Finalist Visitors Challenge Cup, 4- Agecroft RC


2008 Henley Royal Regatta Finalist Britannia Challenge Cup, 4+ Ortner BC

2008 Eon Hansa Cup 4th GB Rowing Team, Mens 8+

2009 Henley Royal Regatta Prince of Wales Challenge Cup, 4x Leander Club

Coaching Career-

Since 2010 there have been thousands of great moments and memories that I will remember for ever.


This part of the site is about the outcomes which are something that people know and understand.

I don't have space to name every athlete individually and every success of every crew, so I have put the minimum here. 

The athletes I have coached know that my philosophy is about putting them first and helping them get to their goals and their potential. Along this we shared a journey of discovery and challenege that kept both the athlete and the coach pushing to be better than the day before!

2011 Director of Rowing Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

Henley Royal Regatta

Semi Finalists and course record breakers Fawley Challenge Cup JM 4x 



Henley Royal Regatta

Winners Fawley Challenge Cup

Semi Finalists Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup JW4x



Henley Royal Regatta

Runners Up Fawley Challenge Cup



Henley Royal Regatta

Winners Fawley Challenge Cup 

World Junior Championships

Silver JM4x- GB Rowing Team



Henley Royal Regatta

Winners Fawley Challenge Cup

World Junior Championship

Gold JM4x- GB Rowing Team


2016 Lead Coach for GB rowing junior team

World Junior Championships

Silver Medal Co-coach JM4-

2017 Head Coach Swiss Rowing Federation

World Cup 1

Gold Medal W1x, M1x, Silver Medal M2x, LM1x


World Cup 2

Bronze M1x, LW1x


World Cup 3

Gold W1x, Silver LM1x,4th M2x, M1x

Overall World Cup Winner M1x

European Championships

Gold LM1x, Bronze M2x


World Championships

Gold W1x, 4th LW1x, LM1x

2018- Head Coach Women Swiss Rowing Federation


World Cup 1, 2 & 3 

Gold W1x, 5th LW2x

World Cup 2

Gold W1x, 4th LW2x

World Cup 3 

Gold W1x, Bronze LW2x

Overall World Cup Winner W1x


Henley Royal Regatta

Winner Princess Royal W1x and course record


European Championships

Gold W1x, Bronze LW2x


World Championship

Silver W1x & 4th LW2x


2019 DowellPerformance

European Championships

Silver medal W1x Switzerland


World Cup 3 

Silver Medal W1x Switzerland


World Championships

5th W1x Qualifying Switzerland for 2020 Olympic Games


European Championships 

Bronze Medal W1x Switzerland

Olympic Games

5th W1x Switzerland


World Cup 2

Silver Medal W1x Switzerland & 6th LW2x



BSc Exercise and Sports Science- 2004 University of Exeter

British Rowing Coach- UKCCLevel 2

Strength and Conditioning Coach- UKCC Level 2

RYA Powerboat License- Level 2

Finding your best course- Compete to Create

Nutrition Coaching- Precision Nutrition Level 1

MSc Major People Management and Organisation- 2022-ONGOING HSLU

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